PixelGigs: Empower Your Life!

Your Digital Marketing Partner

When you partner with PixelGigs you can be confident that your digital marketing is well managed. You can take advantage of PixelGigs “Managed Account Service” where we do everything for you, or you can go the “Do-it-yourself” route using SkyBundle, the all-in-one sales and marketing solution built for small business. Either way, our number one mission is to grow your revenue.

Customer Interface

As your marketing partner, PixelGigs keeps you in the loop 24/7 with a dynamic and easy-to-use cloud-based interface called SkyBundle. In fact, SkyBundle may become the hub of your customer contact activities used by many people within your company.

You can subscribe to SkyBundle without engaging all of our full services. However, when you engage our managed services, a SkyBundle account is set-up for your company. Either way is fine with us.

Please request a conversation with a PixelGigs Account Manager for more information about a stand-a-lone SkyBundle subscription or to discuss the full managed services programs.

From Leads to Raving Fans

PixelGigs employs a modern take on the classic sales funnel. By catering to the distinct phases within your specific funnel, quality prospects are captured and nurtured properly so they convert to customers. Once a person becomes your customer, we assure that they remain a customer and even become raving fans who provide you with quality referrals.

We call it full spectrum funnel management. You can call it passion for growing your business.

Attract Traffic – It all starts with letting people know that you exist. Rather than use the no-longer-effective shotgun approach, PixelGigs attracts leads to you using a wide variety of digital resources such as effective lead capture pages, social media, content marketing, SEO etc. Even your leads are of higher quality because of our proprietary system of attracting the people in the data base who have literally raised their hand and said, “Yes, I am interested in your product or service. Contact me.”

Capture Data – When someone “raises their hand” to let us know that they have an interest in your product or service, the number one mission at that point is to collect their information.

Nurture Prospect – Some prospects will purchase immediately, others will need to be “wined and dined”. We do this through a system that combines “High Touch” with “High Tech”. Your prospects will feel well taken care of and valued.

Convert to Customer – Because your prospects felt well taken care of in the nurture stage, many of them will become your new customers. Now that they are a customer, let’s keep them happy and turn them into raving fans.

Provide Excellent Customer Care – Once a customer makes a purchase, you want them to feel appreciated. With the keen ability to track the customers actions via an integrated customer care platform, everyone in the company will be able to provide outstanding customer care.

Increase Sales – A satisfied customer who was handled with care and respect from their first contact with you will return to your business more often with future and repeat greater purchases.

Obtain Referrals – Because your customers are loyal raving fans they will certainly spread the word. Your customers will actually feed the top of the funnel where the process will begin again.

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